Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Custom Fire Helmet Shield Styles

Various Helmet Shield Styles

Helmet Shields Styles
Various Helmet Shield Styles

There are eight styles of fire helmet shields available.  Prices are the same, no matter which style you choose.   All shields will fit most helmet styles.

The Engine - Fire Helmet Shield Style
The Engine
"The Engine"

The Engine is the smallest of our available helmet shields.     It's 5 and 1/4" wide and 6 and 1/4" tall.

The Wagon - Fire Helmet Shield Style
The Wagon
"The Wagon"

At 6 and 5/8" wide (at the widest) and 6 and
1/4" tall, The Wagon has plenty of room for your custom design. Most of the completed shields on our web site are this style.

The Truck
"The Truck"

This is fancy parade style shield.   It's 6.5" wide (at the widest) and 6 and 7/8" tall.  It looks great on a
leather lid!

The Tiller Shield
The Tiller

"The Tiller"

It's a wider, fancier version of The Truck.  Perfect for Phenix TL helmets or for those who want a bigger shield.  It's 7.25" tall and 7" at the widest.

The Tanker Shield
The Tanker

"The Tanker"

This is a larger version of The Wagon.    It's wide enough for a Phenix TL, but also looks great on a N5A or N6A.   It's 6.5" tall, and 7.125" wide, at the widest point.

The Tower - Boston Style fire helmet shield.
The Tower

"The Tower"

Our Boston style shield.   A great addition to any helmet.  It's 6.25" tall and 6.75" wide at the widest.

California style shield - The Squad
The Squad
"The Squad"

A California styled shield.  It's 6.125" tall and 5.5" wide at the widest.

The Pumper - mini Boston style shield
The Pumper

"The Pumper"

Our 4" shield.  It's a shorter Boston style at 4.125" tall, and 6" wide at the widest.

When the shield is dyed a curve is added so when it's installed it snugly fits your lid.   Any questions please contact us: firefightershields@gmail.com.


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