Monday, April 28, 2014

Radio Strap Process

Custom Radio Straps Setting
From start to finish each strap takes about 10 hours, and several days to construct.

First, I inspect the leather to make sure it’s suitable, the strap is then cut to length, based upon your specifics. Then holes are punched in the leather for the belt adjustment and hardware.      Next logos and letters are stamped into the strap.   Custom, hand done work is also completed at this time.   

After the strap sets for a bit, the letters are artwork and strap are colored.   Logos and letters are dyed, not painted, so they won’t chip or crack - this is tricky and time consuming.    Custom work is also dyed when possible.  The strap then sets overnight.   Next,  borders are added around letters and logos - this is done with a special leather paint.   After that, the work is touched up, and finished.   The strap then sets.

Hardware - the brass fittings are then added.   The strap is then treated to prevent cracking, and an anti fungicide is applied to prevent mold and mildew from forming on the strap over time.    Next the front and back of the strap are sealed for protection - the outside is coated to protect the logos, and the inside is coated to prevent the dye from bleeding into your gear.    The strap then sets again. 

Lastly the strap is carefully packaged and shipped.   

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Two Custom Fire Helmet Shields for $119 - Limited Time Offer

Two custom helmet shields for $119
Two for $119


For a limited time, get two custom fire helmet shields for $119 delivered.  Mix and match, or the same design.

Contact for more info.