Sunday, February 23, 2014

Custom Fire Helmet Shield and Radio Strap Pricing

Radio Straps:

Base Strap:  $99
  • Includes radio strap made to size with 2 vertical mic hooks, up to 12, 1” stamped letters (your choice of color with border) on back, 2 standard logos (fully colored) and an anti-sway strap.

Additional Standard Logos: $5 each

Custom carved letters: $5 each

Larger stamped (1.75") letters: $2 each

Boston Leather Radio Holder: $50 (NON REFUNDABLE after delivery)

Additional Mic/Accessory Hooks: $5

Metal mic hang up hook: $10

Custom art work (anything thats not offered as a stamp): $30 and up

Two Tone (Black/Brown): $10

All Brown: $15

Other Color: $15

Pink:  $20

Simulated stitching on entire strap: $5

Text on anti-sway strap: $10 

Text on lower belt: $10

Additional embossed accents: $5

Delivery: USPS Priority Mail: $10 (US only - shipping rates apply to other locations)

Custom Fire Helmet Shields:

All shields are carved/embossed into one piece of heavy cow leather. 

Choose design option:

  • Simple shield - with up to three numbers/letters in the center and text above OR below and a stamped logo - $79
  • Any other design - $99

Main color other than black or brown:   + $5

Your artwork or ours.  We’ll do art for no additional cost.

Shipping: Included in price  (US only - shipping rates apply to other locations)

Custom Helmet Bands:

Base helmet band: $39

  • Includes 1.5" wide flex fit black leather band with two fully colored standard logos, up to 8 fully colored characters (multiple fonts available) and faux stitching.
Additional standard logos: $5

Color other than black: $10

Custom art: $10 and up

Shipping: $5  (US only - shipping rates apply to other locations)

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