Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Christmas Gifts for Firefighters - Top Five Ideas

It's that time again - Christmas is just around the corner - 48 days to go!

What do you get the firefighter in your life for Christmas?  Or as a treat for yourself!  Obviously I'm a bit biased here - I'd like for everyone to order a custom shield or strap (or both) from me - yes there's still time.    However I realize that there are other options!

As a firefighter, I've come up with a few things that I'd like this Christmas, or can reccomend, hopefully they'll help you with your shopping.

My top five list:

Custom Helmet Shield
1. Custom firefighter helmet shield or strap from (yes a shameless plug).  Just about all of our gear is the same.  Aside from a few helmet stickers, there's very little that differentiates us from others on the fire ground. When we're all dressed out, it's hard to tell us apart!   If you don't like my work, there are many other options available.

Gaelic Brigade Motorcycle T-Shirt

2. Anything from    I love this place - prices are reasonable and they've got great shirts.   Of course, if you're not a fan of Boston, this may not be the place for you

4' Steel Hook with D handle
3. A personal tool.  Never leave home without it.   My favorite a 4' all purpose steel hook with D handle.  I'm not a fan of fiberglass.   I've had mine for several years - this thing is indestructible.  Check out All Hands Fire to see their stock.

TWH Model Tiller

4.  A model fire truck.   Yes it's geeky, but every firefighter should have one or two or a hundred!  Code 3 collectibles is no longer in business.  The best models I've found are made by TWH. You can shop for them at

Cairns New Yorker
5. Last, but certainly not least - a leather helmet.  These are pricey: depending on options, one can run you close to $700 new, but they are fantastic.  

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